Beautiful Tile Flooring in Lake Charles, LA  

Come to The Floor Trader of Lake Charles to update your floors with our extensive inventory of beautiful tile flooring in Lake Charles, LA. The selection of tile floors available in our showroom features a wide variety of colors, textures, sizes, and designs from the industry’s top brands, and each style combines lasting performance and a timeless appearance for a cost-friendly price that works for any budget.

Get the Best Tile Floors for Your Budget

When you visit our showroom, you will find the perfect tile floor for one room or your entire building. During our consultation with you, we will discuss the budgetary limits you have set for your project, and will also determine the most suitable style and material for the room or rooms of your home or business that you intend to renovate. From sleek, modern styles to more rustic, classical designs, we will help you choose the best floor for the aesthetic and décor ideas you have in mind.

Delivering Quality Tile Flooring Installation

Rather than simply providing you with the best tile floors for your budget and leaving you to do the rest, we also offer a comprehensive service that starts the moment you visit our showroom and continues until the end of the installation process. We understand that the installation of a new floor is a significant investment, so we do everything necessary to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Our flooring technicians help you to skip the guesswork of trying to estimate the size of your floor with the help of a free measurement. Before we begin the installation, we provide a free consultation with you about your ideas for the project and take a measurement of the area that you plan to renovate.


Because proper tile installation is equally as important as deciding upon the perfect type of flooring, we ensure that your new floor will look its best so that you will be completely satisfied.


Contact us to renovate your home or business with our tile flooring. In addition to our wide selection of tile products, we also carry luxury vinyl flooring, carpeting, hardwood, and more!